Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Blood Angels So Far...

Hey guys! As you may or may not know I have started a Blood Angels army. This has been very exciting so far. This is what I have built... A Razorback, 2 Rhinos, a Baal Predator, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 10 man squads of assault marines with a powerfist infernus pistol, and 2 meltaguns, a 5 man Death Company squad all with power swords and an infernus pistol, Miphiston, and a Librarian. I decided to go mech-assault because it seemed to be the most sensible build i could come up with. Being a noob to 40k, I needed a rock solid list that would kinda play itself so that I couild get a firm grip on the game and not loose interest. You might not know this but this isnt my first 40k army, I used to play Tau :(

So I had to do some kit-bashing to make my Assault Marine Squads look a bit more "Sanguine". For every 10 Assault Marines it took a box of Death Company and a box of regular old Assault Marines. That rounds out to $59.50 a 10 man squad but with a box of DC costing $33 and an Asssault kit going for $26.50, an extra $9.50 for some bad ass looking dudes is not a bad deal considering all the extra bits you get. If you notice in the photo none of them have shoulder pads, thats cause I'm not sure if howI'm going to divy up the shoulder bits. The coolest thing about my squads id that all of the backpacks are magnetized. I couldnt see spending all that money and just not being able to put jump packs on them so i could deepstrike them whenever I wanted. The only annoying thing about the magnets, besides how fucking long they took to build, is that they spin around as you can see in the pic but its a small price to pay to save a little dough.
I think in the long run I'll be happy with the decision I made.

Now as far as painting goes I've decided to go with Army Painter's Dragon Red Primer. The primer gives you such a nice deep red color that is easy to work with and its a very high quality primer, second to none in my opinion. I grabbed a couple of painting tips from some friends and more importantly youtube videos from Jawaballs. His videos are the best if youre a little intimidated by painting red. OMG on our show said that if youve never painted in red then you should really practice before you go ahead and paint that centerpiece model so i took his advice and tried a few techniqued on a spare dude I had lying around (god knows ive got a million of those). I have to say I was happy with the way the samplw turned out and i decided to go for it and start painting. this is what my result was:
Not too bad for my first go. The guy in front there is a Sanguinary Priest I made from some Death Company bits i had and i gave him a banner that I plan on painting a Chalice on. Well, this is gonna wrap up this blog entry. I will be adding more hobby updates as I progress through finishing up my Blood Angels army. For some reason I'm very motivated to get these guys looking their best and completing the project. It would make my first ever fully painted army :) Well thanks for checking out what I'm up to and I hope you guys come back next time. Maybe I'll have something more important to post but hey, its all good either way right?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ok so here we go! I've been waiting for something like this for a while! Space Marine the video game. Its not an FPS its not a RTS or a poorly done RPG, no this is third person in your face Action RPG the way a Space Marine game should be done. Looks like you'll be taking on Ork after Ork in a blood bath that only a servant in the Emperor of Man's Holy Army can deliver! There isn't too much news or press that I have found personally but I'm sure i just didnt dig deep enough (I usually don't). THQ, Relic, and GW is a powerhouse in gaming if you don't believe me play Dawn of War for the PC. But the best thing about this game is that it is releasing on consoles, so yeah you ll be able to fire up your 360 or PS3 and see the world of Warhammer 40,00 on your HDTV. I cant wait until E3 because THQ is going to unveil this game and possibly the new rumored 40k MMORPG... sounds like we might get Space Marine before the MMO just to wet the appetites of all those fan-boys out there, myself included... What do you think about this? My only hope is that Space Marine doesn't fall to the wayside like the other GW console attempts such as Fire Warrior, Blood Bowl, and an even more bizarre title for an older Sega system Space Hulk, yea if you can believe it Space Hulk actually released for a Sega system, Saturn I think it was. So anyways keep your auspex on and keep a look out for this one! Space Marine looks like it shows some promise and lets hope THQ can deliver.
Here is a trailer I found for Space Marine:

Here it Is!!!

Wiggles Here! Well this is my first post on my new blog! So, what to expect from this blog? Well... Random thoughts about gaming, drinking, partying and that kind of stuff. What I really want to use this blog for is to keep in touch with the fans of my podcast "Tabletop Hooligans". I'll be posting any snippets of news, forum threads that catch my eye, and any pics of modeling and painting projects im working on. So with that said I hope i can at least keep you guys entertained enough to keep comming back to my blog! Hope this works and i hope you enjoy!