Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

Hey guys! I went through the photos I took from Warstore Weekend and I have to say i wasn't impressed enough to actually post them. Oh well... fail.
But anywho, I had a chance to check out the GW store in Manhattan this weekend which was kinda cool, and kinda not.

I have never been inside a GW store but after hearing the guys over at TEW (The Eternal Warriors) talk about The Bunker, I just had to check this out. I have to say, seeing this store kind of reminded me of when i found out Santa Clause wasn't real, or finding out that The Wizard of OZ is actually an old qwack behind a curtain.

First thing, the store was TINY! I was actually bothered by the fact that this store was so small. If i could describe it i would say it was about the size of your smaller strip mall Gamestop. In face it looked exactly like a Gamestop but instead of video games the shelves we stocked with GW product. The overall appearance of the store was... crap. There were only about 5 gaming tables and the store was... dirty. The product was nicely displayed but there wasn't much of that either. One cool thing was that there were plenty of nicely painted demo models and a few demo tables. Amazingly enough this store smelled like an ass too! (paraphrased from Mrs. Wiggles)

The staff was cool but only moderately helpful. I asked one of the employees there if he could give me some suggestions on starting an Eldar force for my wife, and all he could do was tell her to read the stories in the codex? That's not very good salesmanship. Or is it? cause he then tried to sell me a Black Library book about the Eldar. It didn't seem that anyone that worked there was really stoked about their hobby or their job, I guess i could understand that.

But one thing I did notice about the store was that it was full! Packed so much you couldn't walk! I was happy about this. It's cool to know that the hobby is very much alive in The City that Never Sleeps. in the store there was a painting competition going on, some pick up games happening, shoppers and your average joes talking shop. That I found familiar and comforting.

This is the ONLY GW store in the metro area. so i guess its cooler than not having one at all. I guess my final thoughts on the store are that I myself am a little spoiled. But I'm also very grateful for my FLGS and the staff that works there. i don't think i ever need to complain about that place again after seeing whats really out there.

'Till next time this is Wiggles signing off!


  1. This is why I have yet to set foot in a GW store, and why I think it would fail in our local area( Portland Or). We are spoiled with some really good stores here.

  2. That's a difficult image for me. Every GW shop in my bit of the world that I've been into (quick count= 6)are imaculately turned out, are always well stocked and I have yet to meet a Gee Dub employee that isn't enthusiastic and knowledgable to the point of distraction. (All this and I don't work for them or any other related company :P)

    I will always support my FLGS well beyond GW stores but enjoy goiing into them for the above reasons.

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